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Join the movement to reduce electronic waste and protect our environment.

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FNG E-Waste Handlers

We are a safe, established, professional and trustworthy recycling center. With more than 15 years of experience in the recycling industry we have sustained ourselves thanks to our amazing customer service and the premium prices we pay for your recyclables.

We accept all kinds of electronic items like: televisions, computers, printers, and MORE!

You can also bring in mattresses and we even junk cars. Get the most CASH for your items with Fresh N Green E-Waste Handlers.

With our experience, we are your trusted local donation center.


Services We Provide

Items with Extension Cords


Junk TV's



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Service Price Duration Category
Items with Extension Cords 43.00 2:0 Extension Cords
Printers 55.00 2:0 Electronics
Junk TV's 19.00 2:0 Electronics
Mattresses 15.00 3:0 Electronics
Computers 88.00 0:15 Electronics

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